1.Could you explain more about RGB & CMYK Color Palet?

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood truths when printing in color. The 2 acronyms above refer to the color palette which is used in graphic design. By default, most art programs will use the RGB color palette ...MORE

2.Why creating artwork with bleeds?

Anytime you see a printed image which extends from end to end on postcards, brochures, etc, it has been created with a bleed. The image to the right is one of our own postcards. When p...MORE

3.Why printing in high resolution and what is D.PLI.?

DPI is the measurement used within the printing and graphics design industry to determine how sharp an image is.Web graphics,online pics,etc.are normally created at 72dpi(dots per inch)...MORE

4.How will the colour match?

Whilst every effort will be made to achieve a commercially acceptable match, the technical problems involved in ink manufacture and the effects of different media on the apparent colour, the Seller cannot guarantee a perfect result....MORE

5.What if errors occurred in printing artwork?

If there are errors in the artwork supplied by the Buyer, YuHua Playing Cards Co., Ltd can accept no responsibility for such errors. Visual proofs may also be supplied where deemed necessary by the Seller. No responsibility can be accepted where...MORE

6.How to deal with Returns / Damaged goods ?

In the unlikely events of goods being received, which appear obviously, damaged in transit. Especially where the packaging may be crushed. Please ask the recipient, either not to accept the parcel or to sign for it as "Damaged, unchecked"...MORE

7.How paper stock weights?

Worried about choosing the correct weight of paper or cover stock? Whether you are preparing an invitation card, a letter printed on company letterhead, or a tri-fold brochure, a knowledge of different paper stocks is the key to enhancing...MORE